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  1. Graphical abstract Ogresta, L., Nekvapil, F., Tamas, T., Barbu-Tudoran, L., Suciu, M., Hirian, R., Alua?, M., Lazar, G., Levei, E., Glamuzina, G., Cinta Pinzaru, S.
    Rapid and Application-Tailored Assessment Tool for Biogenic Powders from Crustacean Shell Waste: Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy Complemented with X-ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
    ACS Omega 2021, 6 (42) , 27773-27780.

  2. Graphical abstract Lazar, G., Nekvapil, F., Hirian, R., Glamuzina, B., Tama?, T., Barbu-Tudoran, L., Cint„ Pinzaru, S.
    Novel Drug Carrier: 5-Fluorouracil Formulation in Nanoporous Biogenic Mg-calcite from Blue Crab ShellóProof of Concept.
    ACS Omega 2021, 6, 42, 27781

  3. Graphical abstract Nekvapil, F., Ganea, I-V, CiorÓ?„, A., Hirian, R., Ogresta, L., Glamuzina, B., Roba, C., Cinta Pinzaru, S.
    Wasted Biomaterials from Crustaceans as a Compliant Natural Product Regarding Microbiological, Antibacterial Properties and Heavy Metal Content for Reuse in Blue Bioeconomy: A Preliminary Study.
    Materials 2021, 14(16): 4558, DOI: 10.3390/ma14164558

  4. Graphical abstract Nekvapil, F., Ganea, I-V, CiorÓ?„, A., Hirian, R., Ogresta, L., Tomsic, S., Martonos, I.M., Cinta Pinzaru, S.
    A New Biofertilizer Formulation with Enriched Nutrients Content from Wasted Algal Biomass Extracts Incorporated in Biogenic Powders.
    Sustainability 2021, 13(16), 8777, DOI: 10.3390/su13168777

  5. Graphical abstract F Nekvapil, I Brezestean, G Lazar, C Firta, SC Pinzaru
    Resonance Raman and SERRS of fucoxanthin: Prospects for carotenoid quantification in live diatom cells.
    Journal of Molecular Structure 2022, 1250, 131608. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2021.131608

  6. Graphical abstract I. Marica, M. Aluas, S. Cinta Pinzaru
    Raman technology application for plastic waste management aligned with FAIR principle to support the forthcoming plastic and environment initiatives.
    Waste Management 2022, 144: 479-489. DOI: 10.1016/j.wasman.2022.04.021

Conferences attended

  1. ICPAM-14 logo 14-th Internationaal Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials, co-organized by the Physics of Advanced Materials Society (Iasi, Romania) and thee University of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dubrovnik (croatia), 8.-15. September 2022 Team group photo

    Cinta Pinzaru Simona
    New biocomposites from waste materials
    invited talk

    Nekvapil Fran et al.
    Innovative biofertilizer from two aquatic waste materials and its influence on carotenoid content in lettuce crop
    oral presentation
    Nekvapil Fran et al.
    Screening of waste shell biomaterials for recycling as adsorbents for water-borne pollutants
    oral presentation
    Lazar Geza et al.
    Effects of ocean acidification on the morphology and structure of Hexaplex trunculus sea snail biomaterial revealed by Raman, XRD and SEM-EDX data oral presentation
    Lazar Geza et al.
    pH dependent fluorouracil release from novel composite drug based on biogenic calcium carbonate
    poster presentation
    Bajama Ilirjana et al.
    Doxycycline hyclate loaded in porous biogenic carbonate: new drug formulation and characterization using Raman spectroscopy techniques and XRD poster presentation
    Marica Ioana et al.
    A sustainable plastic waste initiative from macro-to microplastics based on Raman spectroscopy technique
    poster presentation
    Dumitru Danut-Alexandru et al.
    Chemical structure , morphology and bioeconomy of the biogenic material derived from the invasive gastropod Rapana venosa shell by multi-laser Raman, XRD and SEM-EDX
    oral presentation
    Lucian Barbu-Tudoran et al.
    Low Density Polyethylene Nano/Microfragments Interaction with Cyanobacteria
    poster presentation
    Maria Suciu et al.
    Low Density Polyethylene Release and Fragmentation in the Environment
    poster presentation

  2. 15-th Int. GeoRaman Conference, organized by the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prague (Czech Republic), 28. Augusst - 1. September 2022: F. Nekvapil presenting
    Nekvepil, F., Lazar, G., Dumitru, D-A., Tomsic, S., CÓnta Pinzaru, S. - Valorisation prospects for waste biomineral from echinoderms probed by Raman spectroscopy techniques -Oral presentation, Book of Abstracts, p. 20

  3. 20-th International Conference"Life Sciences for Sustainable Development", organized by University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 23.-24. September 2021:
    Nekvapil, F., Bunea, A., Bunge, A., Cint„ Pinzaru, S. - Monitoring the carotenoids extraction process from crustacean shell waste using a portable Raman system - Oral presentation, Book of Abstracts, p. 48

  4. 13th International Conference on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules (PIM 2021). National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM); 22.-24. September 2021:
    G Lazar, F Nekvapil, R Hirian, B Glamuzina, T Tama?, L Barbu-Tudoran, M Suciu and S Cinta Pinzaru - New Drug Carrier for Slow Release: 5-Fluorouracil Formulation in anoporous Biogenic Mg-calcite from Blue Crab Shell - Poster presentation, Book of Abstracts, p. 90

Workshops organized

  1. In cooperation with METROHM & BWTek, we organized the First workshop on Blue Bioeconomy Approach to Marine Biomass Waste: INNOVATIVE IDEAS, TECHNIQUES AND TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCES with participation of the company Metrohm Romania, branch B&W TEK
    24 June 2021, Cluj-Napoca, hybrid event, hosted by the RDI Laboratory for Applied Raman Spectroscopy and Community Services from ICDI-SNA institute of Babes̗-Bolyai University.

    Workshop participants in front of RDI-ANS Institute
    Photos taken on the First Workshop on 24. June 2021, at IRDI-SNA; invited talks conducted in hybrid mode

  2. In cooperation with the University of Dubrovnik, we organized the Second workshop on Blue Bioeconomy Approach to Marine Biomass Waste: INNOVATIVE IDEAS, TECHNIQUES AND TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCES
    20. October 2021, hosted by the University of Dubrovnik, hybrid event

  3. Workshop presentation at the University of Dubrovnik
    The Second Workshop on 20. October 2021, at the University of Dubrovnik; hybrid event

Workshops attended

  • Workshop on nano-biosensing with portable/handheld Raman systems, with participation of the company Total Spectrum
    6. October 2022, hosted by INCDTIM Cluj-Napoce

    Prof. Simona Pinzaru presenting
    Prof. Simona Pinzaru presenting on the topics covered in the BlueBioSustain project

Dissemination through the EUREGIONSWEEK:

Online presentation Simona Pinzaru at EUREGIONSWEEK event

Online presentation Simona Pinzaru at EUREGIONSWEEK event

A visit to Sophia--Antipolis, the Europe`s largest technopolis

The project team prepared and conducted (dr. Mihaela Aluas) a visit to one of the largest technopoli, Sophia-Antipolis.

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