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Our research results using nanotechnology-based methods and laser-based spectroscopy reveal amazing facets and properties of waste biomaterials from aquaculture sector and seafood industry and their potential for blue bioeconomy.

We demonstrate how the translational research could turn wasted materials in added-value by-products:

  • new valuable compounds,
  • new smart materials, suitable for solutions loading and slow delivery in pharma- and nutraceutical industry,
  • food products,
  • natural pigments,
  • selective adsorbents of pollutants,
  • smart eco-bio-fertilizers,
  • new biostimulants,
  • photonic biomaterials,
  • biogenic powders for new composites

The potential utilization of such prototypes developed in our lab according to the concepts of circular economy and blue bioeconomy are suitable for technology transfer.

The pivotal role of scientific research results dissemination, education and to partners and society along with the built synergies across sectors is demonstrated as an innovation speeder of Blue Growth.

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Concept description: Concept description


  • 11. January 2023

    Danuț-Alexandru Dumitru - our younger team member has been admitted as

    Black Sea Young Ambassador

    within the Connect2BlackSea Innitiative

    where fundamentals of the blue economy, and activities conducted under both Black Sea CONNECT and BRIDGE-BS are comprehensively showed.

    We wish him succesful input!

    Black Sea Young Ambassador - Danut Alexandru Dumitru